Unique curves for your bay windows

Metamorph is the first wooden curtain pole that follows the unique curve of your bay windows.

A carefully engineered system providing a silent, smooth, durable and decorative solution for most bay window configurations. Metamorph has enabled us to achieve the unachievable.

Our bay window curtain poles are available in 43, 55 and 67mm diameter and in all finishes. Each bay pole is supplied in one fixed piece, with rings only (integrated cording/tracking systems not available).

There is a choice of brackets to suit your requirements. For sufficient support, only metal brackets can be used in conjunction with our wooden bay poles (Bay Adjustable Brackets or Bay Architrave Brackets as per pictures below). Both are adjustable and are available in a variety of finishes.


Bay Adjustable End Bracket


Bay Architrave End Bracket

Please note: C-Rings and Passing Brackets are not available. It is very rare for more than 3 brackets to be used with our bay pole system, however, every bay window is unique and so this will be advised on application.

Bay pole brackets can be custom made to suit more complicated window settings such as ceiling fixed brackets and brackets with shorter/longer projections.

It is the sole responsibility of our trade customer(s) to make sure that the area where the pole will be fitted is suitable to fix any bracket that will be holding quite a substantial amount of weight.

Please refer to the bay window measurement sheet for details of how to specify your particular requirements. All measurements must be provided in metric units only (mm or cm), for the wall and cross sections only (not angle measurements).

Please contact our Sales Office on 020 8344 7979 for more information.